Reports & Forms

For forms not listed below, check the online Handbook or the Downloads and Forms web page.

Report When due Who fills it out Who to send it to
Treasurer Forms
– Remittances
– Special Mission Recognition (pin)
– Gift to Mission
– Other Treasurer forms & info
When making remittances such as Pledge to Mission, reporting 5-Star Giving, Special Mission Recognition, etc.
See instructions here.
Unit Treasurer District Treasurer
Pledge Cards
Printable, 2 cards per sheet
July 31 Unit Treasurer District Treasurer
Reading Program Participation,
previous 12 months
See more about the Reading Program
September 1 (for Annual Celebration) Unit Secretary of Program Resources or Reading Program Coordinator District Secretary of Program Resources
Mission Today Status, previous calendar year
See Criteria Here
September 1 (for Annual Celebration) Unit President, Main Contact, or Education & Interpretation District Coord. Education & Interpretation
Five Channels of Mission Giving (“5 Star”), previous calendar year
See more about the Five Channels of Mission Giving 
September 1 (for Annual Celebration) Unit Treasurer District Treasurer
Event Forms
(None available at this time)

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