Mission Today

Mission TodayMission Today is a program of the Women’s Division. The purpose of Mission Today is to:

  • Energize United Methodist Women to be more involved in mission through prayer, study and action.
  • Increase contacts between units and mission personnel and mission projects so the United Methodist Women understand where their money goes.
  • Encourage the use of mission resources through United Methodist Women.
  • Expand concepts of mission, including social justice as mission.

El Camino Real District UMW officers believe that every unit can become a Mission Today unit – and at the Annual Celebration each October we are excited to recognize an ever-increasing number of participating units.

To become a Mission Today unit, the local unit must satisfy a certain number of criteria, some of which are required. Many of the criteria involve the use of the resources pictured below.

The full description of the Mission Today program is provided by the California-Nevada Conference, >here<.  Unit leaders will want to use this form as a reference to request a Mission Today certificate at the Annual Celebration.  Before September 1, please send the form (filled out) to our District Mission Coordinator for Education and Interpretation.

The officers of El Camino Real District UMW are eager to work with you to ensure your unit becomes a Mission Today unit. If you have questions or if there is something you need, please call on us.

Prayer Calendar  Response Magazine  Program Book
Resources for Racial Justice  Action Alerts      Children's Defense Fund


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