Spotlight on Local UMWs

In this Mission Link issue, we wanted to start something a bit different.  If there are events you would like to share in the Mission Link Newsletter about your local UMW unit, then please forward them to  We can include a brief paragraph in this section.

In addition, we would like to highlight a project from a local UMW in the hopes that it may be inspiring to other units.

Featured Project:  Dress a Girl – Willow Glen UMW

Dress Girl Display at the Santa Clara County Fair, 2013

In a recent email from Willow Glen UMW, there was brief note about an upcoming project called “Dress A Girl”.  The idea came from Mindy George and Michelle Partsch, who had seen a display at the Santa Clara County fair in 2013!  Since many of the Willow Glen UMW like to sew, this seemed like a natural fit for a project.

For more information about the organization, please visit the web site: Dress A Girl Around the World .

This organization has delivered dresses to over 81 countries since October of 2009.  Initially, it started as a small project to deliver dresses to girls in Uganda.  They have expanded their project to include sex trafficking awareness.

The dresses are hand-carried and delivered to the international locations.  This ensures that the dresses get to their intended destinations (and are not intercepted for nefarious purposes), and provides a personal connection with the girls who receive the dresses.

In addition to international destinations, dresses are also given to centers for abuse, homeless shelters,  Indian reservations in South Dakota and Tucson Arizona areas, and some Appalachian regions.

— Willow Glen UMW