Scarves for Mission

by Katherine Kim

United Methodist Women from Korean UMC of Santa Clara Valley and New Creation UMC (Campbell, CA) made warm fleece scarves for people in need around the world.

The UMW groups at Korean UMC of Santa Clara Valley in San Jose, and New Creation UMC in Campbell, CA. joined together in mission to make and send over 730 hand-made items, including over 650 fleece scarves.  These scarves will keep people warm in cold weather for the people of Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, Arizona Hopi Indians, and Kazakhstan. 

As our UMW groups were making scarves together, we all shared our love with our group as well as helping people to whom we are sending the scarves.  We were all happy to serve. 

We had been planning this project for a while, so I had purchased much of the fleece material through the year at good prices.

We donated fleece scarves and other warm items to the following organizations:

  1. Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference:  We shipped to a local representative 465 fleece scarves, 10 knitted baby sweaters, 17 knitted hats, 4 knitted scarves.
  2. Arizona Hopi Indians (Navajo Nations):  My church Senior Minister Rev. Kwon and our Mission Committee chair visited Arizona Hopi Indians in November 2021. They brought 70 fleece scarves, 10 knitted hats, 5 knitted scarves.
  3. Kazakhstan: The missionary Ms. Helen Park is returning to Kazakhstan in late November 2021 after recovering from COVID19. We have sent two boxes of items for her to distribute, with 120 Fleece Scarves, 20 knitted Hats, and 10 knitted scarves.

Isaiah 58:7 says: …When you see the naked, to clothe him…

I think God wants us to do good deeds, not just do rituals like fasting in a meaningless way.  Thanks to be God.