From the President: Sharing the Journey

K Stone, Outgoing President, El Camino Real District United Methodist Women

Dear sisters,

It has been a very special highlight of my life to belong to the San Jose District, changed to El Camino Real District United Methodist Women, Leadership Team!

My heart is overflowing with gratitude at this time.  I want to share a journey —

  • Say ‘YES’ to the invitation to attend….UMW accepts us just as we are.
  • Keep saying ‘YES’.
  • Invite a friend.
  • Keep inviting friend/s …. Someone said it took an invitation repeated 6 or 7 times before she said ‘YES’!
  • Step outside the comfort circle…. Baby-steps are OK.
  • Reach out, connect with new sisters.
  • Say ‘YES’ some more.
  • Share stories, ideas, and thoughts.
  • Listen, giving other sisters space to share.
  • Learn, Grow, Laugh, Praise God!
  • Repeat over & over & in any sequence …. Enjoy the journey of United Methodist Women!

Thank you for giving me …. Friendship, Laughter, Spirituality, Overcoming Hurdles, Adventures, Self-awareness, Learning more, and, led by the Spirit, you’ve enriched my life immensely!

With Love & Gratitude ~
K Stone

P.S. See my personal “back story” in the article “An Evolution of  Gratitude.”