May 23, 2019: Rev. Paul Jeffrey, Photojournalist, at Almaden Hills UMC

Paul JeffreyAlmaden Hills United Methodist Church will bid adieu and wish Paul fantastic new adventures!

The Rev. Paul Jeffrey is a United Methodist missionary photojournalist who travels the world covering disasters, poverty and war. He has filed stories from more than 75 countries, writing about everything from hurricanes to health care, from massacres to indigenous rights, from refugees to ecumenism. In the course of his work, Paul has been trapped in combat, tear-gassed and shot at, taken prisoner by soldiers, beaten by police, and gotten sick from what he calls “every intestinal disorder known to modern science.” He’s also had what he terms the “privilege of witnessing the poor become subjects of their own history rather than the objects of someone else’s history.”

“I often write about what people of faith are doing to empower people at the margins to live the abundant life that’s promised to them in the Gospel. I focus on why they’re doing that and what the consequences of that work may be for ordinary women and men in the pews,” says Paul. “When I do that well, people in the global north begin to understand how we are intrinsically linked to our sisters and brothers in the global south, not just because they share the same Gospel, but also because they share an international economic system that manufactures poverty and injustice for the majority.”

Almaden Hills UMC has been in a covenant relationship, supporting Paul’s work, which has brought the world to us for years thru his “Global Lens”.

Please join us at 6:00 pm in the Fireside Library for potluck dinner, followed by Paul Jeffrey sharing photos & stories of people in global communities.  Thanks for the Photo Journey, Paul!

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Almaden Hill United Methodist Church, 1200 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95118