Local Group Organization

How should our local group be organized?

According to National United Methodist Women, the structure or organization of a local UMW group can be flexible, to meet the needs and size of the group. 

  1. The minimum organization includes a president or main contact, and a treasurer.
  2. Additional designated roles may be added as needed, to enable the group to fulfill the Purpose of United Methodist Women. (see below for examples)

UMW Handbook: Take On The Tasks of UMWWhere can we get more information and ideas as to how to organize our group?

The 2021-2024 Handbook includes a helpful section, “Take on the Tasks of United Methodist Women.”  See especially pages 1-8 for an approach to assessing your group’s needs and planning how your group will carry out its mission.

Why does El Camino Real District United Methodist Leadership Team have only a few designated roles now? 

We have changed the construction of ECRD UMW Leadership Team for 2021.  While the overall work remains the same, the mission-oriented roles have been made more flexible to encourage participation in more avenues of ministry as the spirit leads.


Our Purpose

United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is
to know God and experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ;
to develop a creative, supportive fellowship;
and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

Here are roles and functions your local group may choose to have.  Additional recommendations for organizing your group (including subgroups, circles, cluster groups, and virtual groups) are in the 2021-2024 Handbook, Roles and Responsibilities, pages 2-4.

Examples of administrative roles and functions your local group may have:

Possible Titles Roles and Functions
President; Coordinator; Chair; Co-chair; Main contact Convener and official organizational representative;
chairs meetings, general coordination of the work of the organization;
shares fiduciary responsibility with treasurer.
Program coordinator; Vice President Convenes meetings or actions that may be needed in the absence of the president; coordinate the work of the organization with the president;
takes on specific tasks and roles such as program planning
Treasurer; Financial manager Keeps financial records, receives and distributes funds, provides financial reports
Secretary; Record keeper Keeps member lists and records of meetings; communicates information to
groups; shares fiduciary responsibility with treasurer.
Nominations committee chairperson Coordinates the committee’s work in identifying potential leaders.

Examples of functions, titles, and roles your local group may choose to have, to fulfill the mission and tasks related to the Purpose.

Possible Titles Roles and Functions
Communications coordinator; Communications manager; 
Communications team leader
Coordinate publicity and promotion in the group, church,
community; prepare news releases.
Program resources manager; Secretary for program resources Coordinate material resource procurement and distribution: promote current program resources; order and distribute materials as determined.
Spiritual life leader; Mission coordinator for spiritual growth Offer opportunities for the group to connect biblical and theological study to mission issues and actions; regularly include spiritual growth resources and practices in the group’s experience.
Social action team leader; Mission coordinator for social action; Service and advocacy leader Bring justice issues of concern to women, children and youth to the attention of the unit; facilitate advocacy action planning; promote the United Methodist Women social justice priorities.
Education and interpretation team leader; Mission coordinator for education and interpretation Inform and promote mission giving and mission education opportunities within United Methodist Women.
Membership, nurture and outreach coordinator; Membership growth coordinator;  Membership coordinator Ensures each active member is officially signed up on myUMW; maintains membership lists; develops ways to attract, welcome and maintain new and current members.