Your District UMW Team


Photos for other members will be added as they become available.

Executive Members
President Debbie Ow
Treasurer Carolyn Bircher
Nominations Chairperson Saniata Melchor
Secretary Karen Hall
Team Members (with designated role, if any)
Reading Program Coordinator Carolyn Bircher
Communications Laurie Lindsey – Send Email
  Leslie Fisk
  Joyce Wilkinson
  Katherine Kim
  Angelica Martinez
  Sandra Nesheim

To reach any team member, please send your request by email via Laurie Lindsey (Communications).

Updates from the District UMW Team

2 thoughts on “Your District UMW Team

    1. Wanda

      Hi Faith,
      Please send any remittances, including for Five Star Giving, to our Treasurer Debbie Ow.
      You can use the form here:
      And the instructions here:
      Our Treasurer’s contact information is provided in program handouts for any District UMW events, and in the annual Directory.


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