October 23, 2021: Knitted Together and Darning the Holes

by K Stone, President

We are looking forward to gathering together to celebrate another year as United Methodist Women in mission and ministry together, at our Annual Celebration, October 23, 2021.  Our theme, “Knitted Together and Darning the Holes,” represents the challenges we have had over the last year and a half remaining in community, and our anticipation of it getting a lot easier soon.

As the pandemic eases, we are planning to hold this event as a combination in-person/remote meeting.  The specific arrangements will be determined by protocols expected to be in place at the time of the meeting.  The location has not yet been set.  Watch your email for “Quick News” about this event.

Planning ahead: 

  1. Be part of the Celebration: By September 1, send stories and pictures on these topics to communication@elcaminorealumw.org:
  • How did your local UMW group remain connected through the pandemic?
  • Does your local UMW group have a knitting or needlework group?
  1. Be ready to send reports: In August, each local group will receive requests for reports to be included in the event program.  The reports will be due September 1, and will include these topics:
  • Reading Program participation
  • Mission Today participation
  • Racial Justice program participation
  • “5-Star” Mission Giving
  • Members who have passed away since October 2020

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