Mission Link – February 2020

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In this issue:

  • Looking ahead
  • From the District UMW Team
    • Notes from the President: Happy New Year!
    • Program Resources:  Book review, “God Unbound”
    • Climate Guide: 50th Anniversary of Earth Day – So What’s New?
    • Membership Nurture & Outreach: Fill out your UMW 2019 Census
    • Treasurer: What I did on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • In retrospect
    • Local units in ministry & mission:
      • Salinas First Butterfly Project Mission Highlights
    • Connect & Learn event: “Let Your Light Shine”
    • We remember Merle Boxill

Changes from the printed version include removal of personal contact info for District Team members, and adjustment of layout for ease in printing. 

Next issue will be published in May 2020.  Please submit articles & photos to Communications Coordinator before Monday,April 20, 2020.