Local group reports requested by Sept. 8

It’s that time of year again!  So that we can prepare for the District UMW Annual Celebration (Oct. 24), and provide the reports to our CA/NV Conference UMW counterparts, please be sure your local group/unit has sent these reports by September 8:

  1. 5 Star Giving – your Treasurer should send the remittance form and any contributions through Sept. 1, 2020, to District UMW Treasurer Debbie Ow. More info…
  2. Reading Program – if women from your local group have participated in the UMW Reading Program, please send a report with their name, church name, and the list of titles read.  More info… 
  3. Mission Today – send the report of the activities your local group has done toward the 2019/2020 Mission Today program.  More info… 
  4. Charter for Racial Justice – send the report of the activities your local group has done toward the Charter for Racial Justice.  More info…
  5. Saints – send the list of those from your local group who have passed away since your September 2019 report.
  6. Directory updates – if there have been changes in your local group’s leadership during 2020, or if you already have identified leaders for 2021, please send us their names with mailing address and email.

Please send all reports (except 5 Star Giving) by email to vicepres@elcaminorealumw.org.

If email is not possible, please send by US Postal Service to:
Good Samaritan UMC
Attn:  Carolyn Bircher
19624 Homestead Road
Cupertino, CA   95014