Equip for Leadership

We equip women and girls around the world to be leaders in communities, agencies, workplaces, governments and churches.

Connect & Learn. This annual District UMW event offers leadership development and information about being part of United Methodist Women. 

Mission studies from National UWF. Mission studies are offered each year – a geographical, topical, and spiritual growth study. These studies motivate, inform, and enrich our commitment to global ministry. 

Mission Today

The Mission Today program encourages local groups to become more involved in mission through outreach, prayer, and education.  The Mission Today program includes a set of things local groups can do, with goals based on their size.

Local groups report Mission Today status each year, September 1 through August 31, to the District UMW. 

NOTE:  this needs to be clarified if we’re still doing it.  The form is not available on the National or Conference website.  The link to the form was broken.

Virtual meetings can keep us connected while remaining at a distance, and can reach people who might not be able to attend an event in person.  National United Methodist Women has developed “Virtual Training Guidelines” that describe how to host virtual meetings using Zoom.  Meeting options, user tips, and ways to practice are provided, so you can feel confident in hosting your own meetings.