June 22: UMW Climate Justice Federal Legislative Day

As a follow up to our very successful National UMW climate justice federal legislative day in April, please register and join United Methodist Women from across the nation for a second legislative and call-in day that will take place June 22.  Congress is currently working on infrastructure legislation, and we want Congress to hear that women of faith are urging them to advance infrastructure legislation that accelerates the transition to renewable energy with equitable and just policies. 

A pre-briefing and training session will be held on June 21, 1-3PM PT (4-6PM ET), and will include a review of climate justice and energy and transportation issues, training on how to conduct a virtual Senate meeting, and time to plan your legislative visits with others in your state. 

People from all states are encouraged to call their Congressional representatives at any time on June 22, 2021. You can use this link, which provides a script and will connect you directly to your elected officials.