Connect and Learn

The Connect and Learn Program is an annual event that comprises workshops and an inspirational speaker.  The objective is to help and inspire officers in local units to better serve in their roles.

2022 Connect and Learn – “Joy for the Journey”

Marlene Ward


In 2022, our keynote speaker for the Connect and  Learn event was Marlene Ward. some “gifts and graces” that she wasn’t aware were hers.  She admits that while she is neither a visionary nor an “imaginer,” she is a good organizer, and that is her strong point.  She knows how to move the “pieces” around to make them fit.  On the other hand, she knows that she is not a good proofreader, so she asks others for help in doing that.  If you accept a leadership role, you do not have to be a one-woman band.  If you would like to review Marlene Ward’s Presentation, it is available here.

Other presentations from the 2022 Connect and Learn May be downloaded or viewed from the Google Drive: