Opportunity: Children’s Study on Managing Emotions (Pilot Group)

Hello sisters,

I am writing to see if you can help encourage one to three families in your congregation to join a 6-week Zoom group to learn about emotions using the UMW Mission u 2020 children’s study called Managing Our Emotions

The conference committee on Children’s Ministries chaired by Pastor Cathy Morris contacted UMW to see if we would help recruit a diverse group of families for this pilot study. It is a 6-week program, one hour each week beginning in September and it will be on Zoom.

The goal of the program is to help parents and their children learn about the different emotions and how to manage them using Biblical resources and recent knowledge about our brains and emotions. Get more info in the full description. 

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Would you pray about this and see which families in your congregations may find this helpful and personally talk to them?  The vision of the Children’s Ministries Committee is to create more opportunities to reach the children of the CANV conference. I am grateful that they are using the Mission u children’s curriculum.  This is another step to bring our children and parents closer to Christ. UMW can partner in this effort to bring Mission u children’s studies into the conference.

Interested persons will need to contact the facilitator, Joni Cisowski at joni@firstumcmodesto.org by July 31.  Would you help with this recruitment?  Thank you so much!  Please also help pass the word along. 

Mary W. Cheng
Graduate Theological Union