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Treasurer’s Report Q1 2022

Thank you to all of the units that have sent in pledges!  I have assumed treasurer responsibilities from Debbie Ow.  The new address for sending in remittances is:

          ECRD UMW, c/o Carolyn Bircher
          1663 Martin Ave.
          Sunnyvale, CA  94087

Here is a summary of 2021 finances.  The Pledge account is for contributions from the local units for missions, which are passed on to the conference (and then to National) UMW.  The Administrative account is for the El Camino Real District UMW events and operations.


  Pledges received  (Oct-Dec) $11,252.56
  4th qtr. remissions to conference UMW $11,252.56
  Interest received   $         0.09
  Dec. 31, 2021 balance $       63.47


2021 Deposits $     324.91
2021 Event expenses $     984.47
2021 Communication expenses   $       94.45
2021 Admin. Expenses $  1,036.14
Dec. 31, 2021 balance $  3,682.28

If you have questions, please email

Spotlight on Local UMWs

In this Mission Link issue, we wanted to start something a bit different.  If there are events you would like to share in the Mission Link Newsletter about your local UMW unit, then please forward them to  We can include a brief paragraph in this section.

In addition, we would like to highlight a project from a local UMW in the hopes that it may be inspiring to other units.

Featured Project:  Dress a Girl – Willow Glen UMW

Dress Girl Display at the Santa Clara County Fair, 2013

In a recent email from Willow Glen UMW, there was brief note about an upcoming project called “Dress A Girl”.  The idea came from Mindy George and Michelle Partsch, who had seen a display at the Santa Clara County fair in 2013!  Since many of the Willow Glen UMW like to sew, this seemed like a natural fit for a project.

For more information about the organization, please visit the web site: Dress A Girl Around the World .

This organization has delivered dresses to over 81 countries since October of 2009.  Initially, it started as a small project to deliver dresses to girls in Uganda.  They have expanded their project to include sex trafficking awareness.

The dresses are hand-carried and delivered to the international locations.  This ensures that the dresses get to their intended destinations (and are not intercepted for nefarious purposes), and provides a personal connection with the girls who receive the dresses.

In addition to international destinations, dresses are also given to centers for abuse, homeless shelters,  Indian reservations in South Dakota and Tucson Arizona areas, and some Appalachian regions.

— Willow Glen UMW

From Your ECRD President, Debbie Ow

Here I am on Valentine’s day, 2022, having just received another radiation treatment as I am writing this post.  For me, this year’s UMW theme, “Healing and Joy on our Journey to God”, is particularly poignant.  I am so grateful to be finished with the chemo and surgery, having received the best possible outcome as no cancer was found in the last breast MRI.  The radiation treatments so far are a ”piece of cake” in comparison and are meant to eliminate any cancer that somehow escaped the notice of the MRI.

I also give thanks for my superb district team members.  Our Connect and Learn event was even more successful than we anticipated.  Because it was online, we had quite a few attendees from other districts, who might otherwise have been unable to attend!  Many thanks to Carolyn Bircher for her creativity and dedication in pulling the event together.  Marlene Ward’s presentation was thought -provoking and encouraging.  If you missed it, you may download a copy of the slide presentation from this link.

As we prepare for our El Camino Real District Spiritual Retreat,  I am especially looking forward to learning about healing and how God can work in our lives to better our spiritual and physical wellbeing.  Our speaker will be Beth Carter, a Board Certified Health Coach.  This will be a new concept for me but one from which I can certainly benefit.  Special thanks to Sandra Nesheim for heading up this event.

As I close this note, I want to especially express my gratitude to all of you who continue to support UMW through these unprecedented and challenging times.  You are what makes UMW such a great organization that accomplishes a great deal of good in our world.

Blessings on you as we enter into the holy season of Lent and Easter.  May God’s goodness and love fill your life with joy!



New Adventures – a letter from K Stone

On to new Adventures…but always in my heart ~

As many know, I’ve been kicking around, trying out a nomadic-life style, this past year.  It’s been fun, with many different experiences.  However, the time has come, and I’m looking forward to my new home in Springfield, Missouri.  Yikees, did I say that out loud!

As I write, I am filled with gratitude. For the many friendships, collaborations on missions, service and advocacy, as well as, thru the amazing United Methodist Women, thank you for adding your touch to K!  Being part of United Methodist Women, not only thru my church, Almaden Hills UMW, but also the district transitioning from San Jose to El Camino Real and the CA-NV Conference UMW, will always be an indelible fingerprint on my heart.

As you’re aware, the El Camino Real District team is strong & vibrant under the leadership of Debbie Ow and her team.  I’m so excited to see their growth and impact on women, children and youth near and far.

I will be flying out, to Springfield, on March 1st.

Once settled, I’ll continue my exploring & travel adventures…either by train, air or RV Camper Van…or who knows, maybe by camel!  I hope to be involved with mission work, perhaps thru the NOMAD program of the UMC, or UMVIM trips.  I’m excited to go church-hunting, a key factor being the UMW and missions!

We will meet again.  Please stay in touch. As I will, when I visit California again!

Thank you for your friendship, your Gifts and Graces.


K Stone

I Choose Hope ~