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Here are resources and news related to Social Action.  Get additional ideas from the National UMW Social Action resources.

By Nov. 15: Apply for funding to support your campaign to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline!

School to Prison Poster

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Reminder: The application deadline is November 15, 2019. 

The Office of Racial Justice invites United Methodist Women members and groups to apply for funding to help support local organizing campaigns to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. United Methodist Women members are eligible to apply for work happening at any level of the organization, including circle, unit, district, conference and jurisdiction. United Methodist Women may also apply for funding to support work that is happening collaboratively, in coalition/partnership with other local organizations or groups, so long as such work involves substantial participation from local United Methodist Women. See below for details.

Goal of Funding Support
Advance United Methodist Women’s efforts to organize to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline by providing small-scale funding support to enable deepening of existing campaigns and/or development of new campaigns. Continue reading

Stand with Farm Workers Living Wage Action Alert

#MeToo has made us aware of sexual harassment in workplaces but harassment against low-wage women workers, including farm worker women, has not been highlighted. Now, farm worker women are silent no longer!  Advocate for the BE HEARD bill in Congress and send letters to your legislators

Read more to discover how you can help amplify their voices.

Farmworker Support Continue reading

June 1, 2019: Climate Justice Event

Climate Justice: Save our Mother Earth

On June 1, learn about what’s happening to our climate, and discover ways to respond, from the perspective of a faith community. A highlight of the event will be the opportunity to participate in a Climate Justice Simulation Experience.

All are invited to this a community-wide climate justice event, regardless of faith, gender, or location of residence. Continue reading

May 4, 2019: Conference UMW Social Action Event – School to Prison Pipeline

Youth in jailWhat can we do to help youth escape the “school to prison pipeline”?  And what is this pipeline, anyway?  Learn about this difficult situation from experts in the field – Dr. Charles Tinsley, Director of the “Getting Out of Dodge” Ministry, and Sammy Nunez, Chair First Families San Joaquin, and others.

This California-Nevada Conference UMW event is open to all.  Registration fee is $20. Continue reading