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Just Water – Conference Social Action Event

Just Water – Quenching Our Thirst Today, Tomorrow, …

The CA-NV Conference UMW’s Social Action Team is happy to announce that their inaugural social action event on water will be held (virtually) beginning on Friday evening, March 18th at 7:00 pm and continuing on Saturday, March 19th at 10:00 am.

Climate Change is happening – and in the arid west, the disruption will be witnessed in and around water – droughts, floods, unreliable or tainted water supply, ecosystem harm.

Our inaugural event will be focused on drinking water, primarily in CA.  Did you know there are about one million Californians that do not have access to safe, clean drinking water from their tap?  Drinking water – we cannot live without it.  Do you know where your drinking water comes from?

We hope you will join us for this event and bring a friend along.  The event is open to everyone – that includes people of all gender identities, races, religions, ages, … – everyone.

The official flyer for this event, including speaker biographies and registration information, may be found by clicking hereNote that registration for the Friday and Saturday sessions are two separate registrations.

  • To register for the Friday evening program, click here.
  • To register for the Saturday morning program, click here.

— Connie Hunter

Report on “Connect And Learn — Joy for the Journey”

Once again, United Methodist Women from all over El Camino Real District (and beyond) discovered that, even if they weren’t feeling as well as they would like, they could still come to our annual leadership training day on Saturday,  February 5, because they could attend from the comfort of home on Zoom!

Our guest speaker was Marlene Ward, who has held many local, district and conference UMW offices over the years and who is now a member of the UMW National Program Advisory Group, representing all of the UMW members of the California-Nevada Conference.  The theme of her talk gave us a smile –  “Leadership!!! – Me???”  No doubt about it, the word “leadership” is a scary word.  Many of us don’t like to stand in front of a crowd.  We’d rather sit way in the back, unnoticed.  But Marlene says that God whispers, “I will take you through it all.” We may not feel that we are “leadership” material, but Marlene congratulated us for signing up for “Connect & Learn.”  The fact that we were there (and that you are reading this article) means that UMW matters to us.

Marlene Ward

Marlene herself credits other people who saw something in her, some “gifts and graces” that she wasn’t aware were hers.  She admits that while she is neither a visionary nor an “imaginer,” she is a good organizer, and that is her strong point.  She knows how to move the “pieces” around to make them fit.  On the other hand, she knows that she is not a good proofreader, so she asks others for help in doing that.  If you accept a leadership role, you do not have to be a one-woman band.  If you would like to review Marlene Ward’s Presentation, it is available here.

The format of the morning included two “break-out rooms” and, fortunately, one of those was a “talk back” session with Marlene where we could comment on her presentation.  There were two music video breaks during the morning.   The young girl singing “I’ve Got Joy” had us up and dancing.  The virtual choir’s rendition of “I Believe In The Sun,” sung together by several members of San Jose United Methodist churches, was so beautiful that we wanted to hear it again.  You may hear it at this address –

— Bonnie Home, Almaden Hills UMW

2022 Spiritual retreat

Our Spiritual Retreat is scheduled for March 26, 2022 from 9:30a.m. to 12:00p.m.  This year we are focused on healing, which seems so appropriate as we begin to exit the pandemic and all of the social and political challenges that have plagued us during this time.

We are blessed to have Board-Certified Health Coach Beth Carter as our speaker at this event.  This will be a virtual event on Zoom.  Please register in advance.

Beth Carter began her ministry through singing with her church choir from at age 10. She was active in several churches as Administrative Secretary, Youth Choir and Bell Choir Director, and Music Director.  Her desire to minister through music never waned, but the tug at her heart to go beyond that ministry persisted. In February 2020, she and her husband attended a Lay Servant Basic course. With the support from her local congregation and District Superintendent, she is fulfilling the requirements of both Certified Lay Servant and Certified Lay Ministry with anticipated completion of both this fall.

Beth and her husband Eliot, a chiropractor, have two daughters, a great dog, and own and operate Carter Wellness Clinic  in Sonoma, California where their philosophy is the health and wellness of the whole individual Body, Mind, and Spirit.

For our retreat, Beth will use a “wellness triad” as a pathway to health and healing.  She will discuss the impact of emotions on health and the need for healing when there is a physical imbalance.  She will also discuss the health of our souls.

We look forward to an exciting and innovative presentation with lively discussion in the break-out sessions.

Sandra Nesheim

February 5, 2022: Connect & Learn: Joy for the Journey

By Carolyn Bircher

Connect & Learn is a gathering focused on learning more about being part of United Methodist Women. It includes training and information about specific leadership roles in the local groups/units, plus ways we can expand our mission and ministry through UMW.

This year’s Connect and Learn  keynote speaker is Marlene Ward,  California/Nevada Conference rep. in the National Program Advisory Group (2020-2024).  The title of Marlene’s talk is Leadership!!! Me???”.

Marlene Ward

Marlene is a member of the UMW National Program Advisory Group (PAG) which provides representation from each of the Annual Conferences (your CA-NV Conf. UMW representative) and from 6 other general agencies, regional missionaries, deaconesses and home missioners and the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women. This Group gives voice from the membership directly into the working programs and initiatives of the organization and to the membership as members communicate with their conferences strengthening the connections between local women and their national policy making body.

Connect & Learn will be held Saturday, February 5, 2022, 9:30am-noon. Due to health concerns related to COVID, it will be held online as a Zoom event.

Register hereBreakout groups:  This event will include two breakout sessions, each with several topics. Attendees can select (during registration) which topic they prefer to attend in each session.

Breakout session 1: Equip Yourself for Leadership


  1. President/Main Contact
  2. Treasurer
  3. Program Planning/resources/reading program
  4. Secretary/Communications
  5. Being a United Methodist Woman
  6. Ser una Mujer Metodista Unida (en español)
Breakout session 2: Mission & Ministry


  1. Educate to Transform (includes E&I)
  2. Grow Spiritually (includes Spiritual Growth)
  3. Serve & Advocate (includes Social Action)
  4. Organize for Growth (includes MNO, Nominations)
  5. Finding Joy in Ministry (discussion of Marlene’s talk)
  6. Encontrar Gozo en el Ministerio (en español)

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