Cambrian Park UMW program: How YWCA aligns with UMW

You are invited to a special program offered by Cambrian Park UMW, April 7, from 11:45am to 1pm.

Betty Dickey, of Cambrian Park UMW, says, “We are having a speaker from the YWCA in honor of Susie Wilson, a long time member of our church, who was a part of San Jose political scene for many years and loved the Y.  We want to see what they are doing now and how they are contributing to the well-being of girls and women in our community. ”

The speaker is Preethi Panyam, Outreach Coordinator for YWCA of Silicon Valley.  She will talk about how how YWCA’s mission and programs align with some of UMW missions, and find out how we can collaborate.

Get more information on the flyer here.

Cambrian Park United Methodist Church is located at 1919 Gunston Way, San Jose, CA, at the corner of Gunston and Wyrick.