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June 22: UMW Climate Justice Federal Legislative Day

As a follow up to our very successful National UMW climate justice federal legislative day in April, please register and join United Methodist Women from across the nation for a second legislative and call-in day that will take place June 22.  Congress is currently working on infrastructure legislation, and we want Congress to hear that women of faith are urging them to advance infrastructure legislation that accelerates the transition to renewable energy with equitable and just policies. 

A pre-briefing and training session will be held on June 21, 1-3PM PT (4-6PM ET), and will include a review of climate justice and energy and transportation issues, training on how to conduct a virtual Senate meeting, and time to plan your legislative visits with others in your state. 

People from all states are encouraged to call their Congressional representatives at any time on June 22, 2021. You can use this link, which provides a script and will connect you directly to your elected officials. 


Speaking Out Against Anti Asian-American Hate Crime

by Katherine Kim

Signs saying Stop Asian Hate and Asian Lives MatterWe are proud Asian Americans.

Anti Asian hate crime is not new. It has 150 years of discrimination history, including the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 (repealed in 1943), and Japanese internment during WWII.

Hate crime against Asian Americans has gotten worse since the COVID-19 pandemic. President Trump didn’t help by calling it terms such as “China Virus,” “Kung Fu virus,” etc.  The California State University reported that hate crimes against Asians has increased by 150% in 2020, and Stop AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islanders) Hate has received reports of 3,795 hate crime incidents since the beginning of the pandemic.  58% of Asian Americans believed that racist views have increased during the pandemic. Continue reading

October 23, 2021: Knitted Together and Darning the Holes

by K Stone, President

We are looking forward to gathering together to celebrate another year as United Methodist Women in mission and ministry together, at our Annual Celebration, October 23, 2021.  Our theme, “Knitted Together and Darning the Holes,” represents the challenges we have had over the last year and a half remaining in community, and our anticipation of it getting a lot easier soon.

As the pandemic eases, we are planning to hold this event as a combination in-person/remote meeting.  The specific arrangements will be determined by protocols expected to be in place at the time of the meeting.  The location has not yet been set.  Watch your email for “Quick News” about this event.

Planning ahead: 

  1. Be part of the Celebration: By September 1, send stories and pictures on these topics to
  • How did your local UMW group remain connected through the pandemic?
  • Does your local UMW group have a knitting or needlework group?
  1. Be ready to send reports: In August, each local group will receive requests for reports to be included in the event program.  The reports will be due September 1, and will include these topics:
  • Reading Program participation
  • Mission Today participation
  • Racial Justice program participation
  • “5-Star” Mission Giving
  • Members who have passed away since October 2020

Changes to the Reading Program

by Carolyn Bircher

The UMW reading program is being administered a little differently this year.  Instead of creating an all-new 2022 book list, the 2021 list is being expanded.  The new expansion has just come out.  From my perspective, it seems like a normal yearly list with lots of great books, except we get it in May instead of September! 

The newly added books are included at the end of the online Reading Program catalog, or you can find a list of titles for both 2020 and 2021 at  Look in the lower right-hand corner, under “Get lists by year,” click “2021 – Updated for 2021-2022.”  The new titles are highlighted. 

Also, we’ve added a list of the new books, including local public library availability, on our District UMW Reading Program page,

Some other Reading Program changes for this year are:

  • Books going back as far as 2015 can be counted for 2021 & 2022.
  • Listening to two FaithTalk podcasts can be counted as one Spiritual Growth book.
  • Three FaithTalk podcasts count as a Bonus Book in the Spiritual Growth category.
  • Watching these movies/documentaries will count:  (I’m not sure yet which category.)
    • Just Mercy
    • The Hate U Give  
    • Pushout

Note: Some of these changes may not yet be reflected on the UMW Reading Program page. Please contact me if you have any questions.