2023 Connect And Learn

Our 2023 Connect and Learn will be held via a Zoom meeting on February 4, 2023.

Featured Speaker:  Jo Ann Lawson will speak about the UWF Charter for Racial Justice.  (Also, If you haven’t already read it, the “Charter for Racial Justice Timeline” is interesting and educational reading.)  Jo Ann has provided materials in advance of the program.  Please access the link and print out the Charter for Racial Justice.

Breakout Sessions:   There will be two sets of breakout sessions.  Some breakouts will be featured twice.  The following table lists the choices.

Session Topic Facilitator Notes
Breakout A President and Treasurer Debbie Ow
Reading Program Carolyn Bircher
Spiritual Growth Sandra Nesheim
Membership Nurture and Outreach Leslie Fisk, Joyce Wilkinson  materials
Breakout B Technology and Communication Laurie Lindsey, Saniata Melchor  materials
Social Action Jo Ann Lawson, Debbie Ow
Spiritual Growth Sandra Nesheim
Connect and Share Unit Successes Carolyn Bircher

In 2022, we received some feedback about the breakout sessions being too short, so we have tried to give more time to the breakouts (45 minutes each).  In addition, many folks asked if they could get the emails for the other folks their sessions.  On the registration, there is a question about whether or not you are willing to share your email.

In addition to the usual sessions, there is one breakout session that is exclusively devoted to “connecting” and sharing things that you feel your unit has done well.

We hope to see you on  Zoom!  Note that you will receive a link via email that is specific for your registration!  It will be emailed to you again 1 week before the event and a couple of days before the event.