Committee on Nominations


Betty Spencer Dickey, Chair, Committee on Nominations

Summer and Fall are busy times for the Nomination committee. We are looking to engage others into sharing our excitement about United Methodist Women. There is so much change going on during this time. School is about to start, church we hope, is about to start in person again and there is new hope for good things in the new year.

We want to encourage you to share your ideas and hopes for UMW too as we have our Presidents zoom meetings in August to get a sense of what you have been doing during the Pandemic. We also want to encourage you to go outside your comfort zone and consider working with us on the District team. We learn new things everyday working with each other and from the Conference and National UMW. The opportunities are great for expanding your knowledge, experience, connections and spirituality. Is God sending you our way?

Many of us cannot physically go on mission trips because of our circumstances, but UMW is a mission. We can still participate in helping our local and District UMW to carry out the goal of being in mission to women, children and youth. We can do that from our own homes. We may be inviting you soon and hope you realize that serving on El Camino Real District UMW team may be the change and the chance you are looking for.

Prayers and Blessings,
Betty Spencer Dickey, Nominations Chair