Nominations Slate for 2018

At the 2017 Annual Celebration, October 28, we will elect leaders to join the team in 2018, either as new members or for a second term. Please take a few minutes to review the slate, and learn a little more about these amazing women through their brief biographies.

Nominations Slate for 2018:

  • President, 1st Two-Year Term: K Stone, Almaden Hills UMC
  • Vice President, 1st Two-Year Term:  Lynn Hermoso, Valley Faith UMC
  • Social Action Coordinator, 1st Two-Year Term: Katherine Kim, Korean UMC of SCV
  • Communications Coordinator, 1st Two-Year Term:  Wanda Garrett, Morgan Hill UMC
  • Secretary of Program Resources, 1st Two-Year Term: Debbie Ow, Almaden Hills UMC
  • Member at Large, 1st Two-Year Term: Monica Aberin Ubungen, Alum Rock UMC
  • Education & Interpretations Coord., 2nd yr. of Two-Yr. Term: Rhonda Canale, Cambrian Park UMC
  • Treasurer, 2nd Two-Year Term: Sharon Davis, Walnut Creek UMC
  • Membership Nurture and Outreach, 2nd Two-Year Term: Melesa Taumoepeau, Fale Hufanga UMC
  • Member, Committee on Nominations, Four-Year Term: Betty Spencer Dickey, Cambrian Park UMC

The above slate, in its entirety, was developed by the El Camino Real District UMW Committee on  Nominations: Patricia Madsen (Chair), Connie Hunter, Elsie Antolin, Dee Anne Paron, Toilea Ahio,
Kathy Takeda.

Brief Biographies of Nominees

  • K Stone
    Ask K about Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and Celebrate, the 4 C’s.  K is a Mom, G’ma, Sister, AK (aunt) & Friend who loves God, her church family at Almaden Hills UMC in San Jose and her UMW Sisters of Grace!  K has served as the district Mission Coordinator for Membership Nurture and Outreach and has been a driving force behind two very successful Limitless events, events to whet young women’s interest in UMW.  K believes in the – Power of United Methodist Women and believes  WE can rock the world!
  • Lynn Hermoso
    Lynn is excited about joining the El Camino Real District UMW leadership team.  She is a member of Valley Faith UMC in Sunnyvale and has served as the Chair of the Board of Trustees since 2016 seeing her church through a building project.  Now that project is winding down, she feels that her experience as the Chair has helped equip her for a leadership role on the district team.  Her employment as an event planner has prepared her well for the position of Vice President.
  • Katherine Kim
    Katherine (or Kathy) is a member of the Korean UMC of Santa Clara Valley.  She has served as a Director of the Women’s Division (now known as United Methodist Women, Inc), as a member of the Program Advisory Group (a national UMW organization) and as the Korean Coordinator for the CA-NV Conference UMW.  In her retirement, she started two programs at her church to meet the needs of the seniors in their community.  She is an outspoken advocate for social justice.
  • Wanda Garrett
    Wanda recently moved to half-time work as an intranet program manager. She also volunteers at the local Senior Center as a “computer co-pilot,” and at Morgan Hill UMC as music leader, Trustees secretary, web coordinator, and newsletter publisher. In spare time she enjoys gardening, cooking, working with chainmaille, weaving, and making (legally) and photographing fireworks, and is learning to watercolor. She is married and has a young adult son.
  • Debbie Ow
    I joined UMW four years ago and am now the Treasurer of my local unit.  I love being a member of UMW because of the friends I have made, the great events I’ve attended,  the mission projects we support and the fantastic Reading Program! I am really looking forward to working with all of our members to increase participation in this very valuable educational resource.   On the personal side,  I have two daughters and four granddaughters (ages 10, 8, 6 and 5), work as the accounting manager for a non-profit retirement community, and hope to retire in a few more years.
  • Monica Aberin Ubungen
    Monica is a member of Alum Rock UMC where she is the worship leader.  She credits this to the mentoring she received from United Methodist Women as she was growing up.  Monica is passionate about racial justice, Bible study and worship.  She is eager to become more engaged with United Methodist Women because of the impact they have had on her life.
  • Rhonda Canale
    Rhonda has 3 sons and 3 granddaughters.  She is the Director of the No. CA Ecumenical Media Resource Center.  Rhonda was introduced to the Women’s Society of Christian Service (a predecessor organization to UMW) by her mother and grandmothers, who saved their egg money and held bake sales to raise money for mission.  Rhonda has previously served on the district team as the Secretary of Program Resources.
  • Sharon Davis
    Sharon was employed for over 30 years as an Accounting Manager.  She has held the office of President, Vice President, and Treasurer on the local UMW board at Walnut Creek UMC.  She enjoys singing with the Walnut Creek UMC choir and sang at Carnegie Hall in 2011.  She toured in Italy this past spring with a small women’s group and handbells.  She knits and sews whenever she gets the chance, and recently took up quilting.  Sharon looks forward to the opportunity to continue to serve on the district team.
  • Melesa Finau Taumoepeau
    Melesa is a mother of four, three girls and one boy, ages 7 to 18, and has been married to her husband, Salesi, for 20 years.  Melesa has always been a champion of the underdog which is one reason she is attracted to UMW.  Melesa is an active member of her church, Fale Hufanga UMC in San Carlos, and serves as a youth director.
  • Betty Spencer Dickey
    Betty began her service beyond the local organization of United Methodist Women as the Membership Nurture and Outreach Coordinator for the San Jose District UMW.  Since then she has served as District President, Conference Membership Nurture and Outreach, and Co-Dean of Mission u.  She  is a proud grandmother and happily has a new grandchild living near her which she dotes on.  Betty is a member of Cambrian Park UMC in San Jose.