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Connect, Collaborate & Change: Membership Survey; Membership, Nurture & Outreach

In looking forward to 2016, I find “Connect, Collaborate & Change” as my personal intentions.  I see evidence of the same from the United Methodist Women, an organization with energy to Make It Happen!

New Membership Census: As the first evident marker of Change, we are implementing a new way to gather the membership count.  The census is the gathering of important information to the life of the organization. Each census is uniquely vital to giving us a total picture of where we are in communities throughout the nation.  It’s important that each local group participates in the census!

To submit the member count for your local unit, follow the instructions for participating in the 2015 UMW Membership Census (click on this link).

Please read the instructions and give it a try.  If you get stuck or are not comfortable with online entry, perhaps there is a woman in your church, currently not part of UMW, but who you can ask to help do this task.  It could be a path to involve someone new into your UMW!

Also, for your reference, the link to the online census is here:

New Membership, Nurture and Outreach Mission Coordinator: As another marker of Change, our 2016 Membership, Nurture and Outreach Mission Coordinator is Melesa Finau Taumoepeau, of Fale Hufanga of San Carlos.  Please welcome her to the wonderful sisterhood of UMW, ladies of El Camino Real District!

Both Melesa and I are here to help support this change for online member count.  Please feel free to contact us for any question.  Once the count has been submitted, please send Melesa an email to let her know it has been completed.

Thank you & Have a Blessed Christmas!

K Stone